Wax Club

No wax on the swell of the year? Join our Wax Club and never run out again.

Get our 100% Organic, eco-friendly wax delivered to your door each month and save cash moneys.

Imagine it... You're up before dawn, Magicseaweed is showing 5 stars, the boards are packed, your wetty is dry, and then it hits you - you're out of wax!

Cue much swearing and frantic texting to see if any of your crew have some spare. 

Worse case scenario you have to take a detour to your local shop to buy something full of petrochemicals and what should have been a crowd-free dawny has decended into feeding time at the zoo.

That's why we're launching Wax Club:

  • Your favourite eco wax but cheaper
  • Never run out again
  • Complete control over how many blocks & temperatures
  • Bundle with other eco products such as wetsuit shampoo & wax scrapers¬†
  • Cancel at any time

Numbers will be strictly limited so this is your chance to be first in the queue. Hit us up with your email below and I'll be in touch with all the details ;)

Rory Good Wax