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Organic Surf Wax - All Temperatures


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The Good Wax Co. Organic Surf Wax is all organic surf wax, made fresh in small batches from locally sourced ingredients at home in the North West of England. 

This stuff provides great grip, and is completely eco friendly and biodegradable. It's  non-soy based, and we donate 10% of profits to charities that help save sea turtles.

Ditch the chemicals, and start making a difference with this all natural wax!

* Completely Eco-Friendly: All Natural, Organic, Biodegradable, & Non-Toxic
* Provides excellent grip, even better than those chemical based competitors
* Wrappers hand stamped on recycled paper
* Hand poured bar- approx 100g
*BASECOAT/TROPICAL - Use this as a base or on trips to Indo
* COLD Temperature - Use this from September to April in the UK
* COOL Temperature - Use this from May to September in the UK

Don't think Organic surf wax will work as well as chemical based wax like Sticky Bumps or Sex Wax? If you order a bar and don't like it, you can keep the bar and we’ll refund you 100%!

Here's what people have been saying:

“Great packaging, great wax, a good top coat - locks feet in and feels soft under the feet but doesn't cave or slide when pressure applied which was surprising for a fairly firm block. The smell is great too, every now and then getting a pine smell, very unique' - Josh Batterham

“The Wax worked a treat. I will be purchasing more for sure” - Pat Garner

“Just used the wax for first time...its awesome....thank you. 🤙” - Wendy Challis-Jones

“Nice it was a bit soft when warm if I was being critical but I’d buy more” - Russell Davies

“It’s soooo good. Good grip, good coverage, good for the environment” - Richard Andrews

“Tried your wax and gotta say I’m very impressed!!! It applied easily and coats way better than Sex Wax!” Richard Andrews